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An interview with: Christopher Dyer

Enter the magical world of Peruvian-Canadian artist: @chris_dyer

Having grown up around gang violence in Peru at an early age, mind bending artist Chris Dyer broke free from a destructive lifestyle and channeled his love of street culture and skateboarding into a blossoming art career that has established him as one of the most highly regarded visionary artists currently working in North America. Blending his skills as a talented graffiti mural artist alongside his trippy paintings, Chris Dyer has created a stunning catalogue of work which invites the viewer to enter his blissful world and feel the love radiating from his breathtaking creations. Chris Dyer is now a globally admired creative figure, however he has not abandoned his humble beginnings and skater roots, continuing to create magical psychedelic infused art true to his unique artistic vision...

I AM (2024)
"Chris is a soul on a quest for a higher frequency of consciousnesses, through natural life experiences and practices. He is open to be a medium of the Great Spirit, who attempts to let go of the complications of his ego-mind and be of service to the evolving collective. A student of life in gratitude for all the human experiences given to him." -

Read on below for our full interview...

Taita Inti (Father Sun) (2018)

Where are you from and when did you first fall in love with creating psychedelic art? 

Though I was born in Canada, I grew up in Lima, Peru between ages 4 and 17. I always did art, much of it would look psychedelic as a kid, since the 80s where so colourful, but I guess officially I started expressing my spiritual side around 2001, in my early 20s, after my first season as a Tree Planter.
The Ultimate Spiritual Warrior (2017)

What does 'Spirituality' mean to you? 

I guess it's just a perspective, where we understand that everything is "Spirit". From the understanding of the illusion of reality, as just a dream in the mind of the oneness, we can then flow through it with a higher perspective and hopefully a better attitude towards the video game we find ourselves in.
Bulish Man

Why you are so inspired to work on themes relating to expanded consciousness and truth?

Im just reaching up n out. I am growing. I am becoming a higher version of myself. All of us are in our own way. And my art is just expressing that. Its beautiful and magical and fun, so it's what stokes me the most to express. 
Bob Marley Roots (2015)

Do you consider art to be magic? 

Depends on the definition of "magic" but sure. I certainly feel like I'm doing a magic trick at a kids party when I show up to a festival and turn a blank wall into a crazy explosion of colour, which I also consider an invisible portal into another dimension. Some wizardry is involved I guess, but we don't have to make too much of a deal out of it. We all doing our magic in our own ways. Once again, all is spirit n we just swimming in consciousness, manifesting according to what we believe to be true. All is magic.
Arianne Love Journey (2017)

Have Psychedelics inspired your creative process and if so how? 

Psychedelics have healed me, taught me, expanded me, corrected me, upgraded, burnt, crushed, purged me, etc. The new Chris that comes out from these shamanic journeys then does art from a new place and understanding. So the "tool" (me) will always do its art, but when the tools can be "tuned up" by psychedelics, the produce is also upgraded.
Neo Human Evolution

Who are some big inspirations to you artistically and conceptually? 

Too many to mention them all. But I've been really into the art of Hector Garrido these days! He's the artist who painted most of the packaging for G.I.Joe action figures in the 80s. Massive amounts of character design, colour combinations, imagination realms and beautiful paintings. Not necessarily "Psychedelic" but from a point of view (since all is spirit) nothing is non-psychedelic. If art has spirit, it becomes from the spirit world, thus psychedelic.
Moment of Truth (2011)

What drives you the most? 

My lady Paulina drives me the most. Im trying to learn though, but cars kinda scare me, haha. She also lights the flame inside me, I Love her.  Besides my shitty dad jokes, the answer once again is "spirit". The Oneness, God, the field. Going back home to Love, for me and all of humanity. 

How are you feeling as we enter summer 2024. Are there any thoughts or emotions that are surfacing for you? 

The activations coming through are felt more n more. I don't have to do psychedelics to feel them, as the veil is slowly getting thinner. Humanity is waking up. The demons controlling the game are getting exposed and though they will do all they can to keep us sedated and controlled, nothing can stop the flowering of humanity into its next level of spiritual potential. Consciousness is opening up on the planet and Good will win. When I commune with Aya she always tells me not to worry, that all is going according to plan, even if it looks like we're doomed. Just flow, surrender, accept and adapt. Things are going to radically change in the next few years, gotta let the old go or the suffering will be unbearable. Embrace all that is coming and keep the faith! 

You can discover more of Chris Dyer's art via his:



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