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An interview with: Isaiah Worrington

In conversation with Venezuelan 3D Artist, Illustrator & Designer: @cyberdreamss

Embodying the vapour wave Y2K aesthetic, 21 year old Isaiah Worrington...

"...also known artistically as Cyberdreams, is a 3D Artist-Illustrator & Designer who creates modern surreal artworks and otherworldly aesthetics. He specialises in conceptualising ideas and transforming them into three-dimensional forms that inspire, intrigue, and touch the soul. With his intricate textures and attention to detail, he explores the intersection of reality and imagination, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in 3D art and design." -

Read on below for our full interview...

Wish You Were Mine (2023)

Where are you from and how has your environment sculpted your outlook on life ? 

I'm originally from Venezuela, but now living in Grenada. Being here has given me a whole new outlook. As a creative person, I've learned to take things one day at a time, celebrate the wins, and, most importantly, stay true to myself. I always remind myself that to stick around in the art scene, I've got to express my vision without worrying about judgment or criticism.
Donec Moriar (2023)

When did you first start creating art?

I've had a passion for art for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I loved getting creative with crafts, especially the more traditional forms of art. Even though I enjoyed art all my life, I never really saw it as a career path until I turned 18 in 2020 and got my first computer. That's when I decided to dive into graphic design, teaching myself the ropes with online courses and tutorials. I downloaded programs like Gimp, Photoshop, and Illustrator to get started. Alongside graphic design, I explored the basics of clothing design, and that's where I got introduced to 3D and its various components and software. It clicked for me, and suddenly I was immersed in creating 3D art every day. The years 2020-21 were all about experimenting and making things I personally enjoyed. It laid the foundation for what I'm working on today.
Harmony (2022)

What does spirituality mean to you?

It holds great significance for me, especially as a person of faith. The theme of spirituality is a profound influence on my art—it's like the epicentre of my creative expression. I often contemplate otherworldly aesthetics and see art as the ideal medium to convey these ideas. There's a belief in me that these otherworldly concepts exist beyond our comprehension, lingering as thoughts waiting to be expressed through art.
Ecliplis Folis Lune (2023)

What are the key ideas and themes that inspire you the most and why ? 

I mostly get inspired by art themes like surrealism, esotericism and futurism. I like the crude and unsettling depiction that's seen in surreal art, and I believe it has the capacity to depict something profound or superficial. The incomprehensible concept of esoteric art it's something that I personally like working with since I want the viewer to be able to form their own concept or meaning and that may also mean the artwork is not meant to be understood by everyone or just by a small group of people which is something I'm all about it. I really like the vintage and retro forms of art. I try to showcase this in my work but at the same time I somehow like adding modernism to it. It's like I'm time-traveling through my art, blending the old-school charm with today's vibes. The clash of different times and styles is where the magic happens for me, turning each piece into a journey through the past and a nod to the now.
Omen (2022)

Are there any artists / books that have had a strong impact on you ?

There's a whole squad of artists who've left their mark on me, both in my creative process and on a personal level. Salvador Dali, with his mind-bending surrealism, really shook up how I see things. Zdzilaw Beksinski's dark and mysterious vibe, Jean-Michel Basquiat's raw and expressive strokes, and Rene Magritte's surreal twist. Two books that I enjoyed reading were ‘Mockingjay' and ‘The Book With No Name' both with a fiction and horror genre respectively.
Lovesick (2023)

What lights the flame of passion inside of you ?

For me, it's the sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that accompanies the completion of apiece, coupled with the sheer enjoyment experienced throughout the creative process. The ability to envision something and effectively translate it through my chosen tools is what truly fuels my artistic drive. It's this seamless interplay between imagination and execution that keeps me motivated and passionate about the art I create.
Grey (2024)

How has this past year been for you?

This year has been a positive ride for me I've come to realize that when you're engrossed in something you love, time tends to fly. It's become a valuable lesson for me to relish every moment, taking each day as it comes. Consistency is a golden rule I've learned not just this year but over time. It's a game-changer. Staying committed and relentlessly pursuing what I want has been a driving force, and I believe these two factors, consistency and determination, have the power to completely transform someone's life and shape the outcomes they aspire to achieve.
Mortem Caelestem (2022)

How do you feel about the future? 

I have a sense of calmness, coupled with an ever-present hunger to create more. Looking ahead, I'm optimistic that the future holds even greater opportunities to unleash more creativity. I envision myself continuing to immerse in what I love most—ART. It's this unwavering passion that keeps the fire burning, and I'm excited about the creative journeys that lie ahead.

You can discover more of Isaiah Worrington's art via his:

Instagram: @cyberdreamss



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