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An interview with: Teo Dima

Introducing the enchanting artworks of Romanian illustrator:

Citing magic, nature and the divine feminine as her inspirations, Teo Dima's art...

"...taps into the boundless creative energy within women, gently reminding us to nurture our connection with our higher selves."

Teo Dima embodies the divine feminine in her playful illustrative style, often portraying the feminine as a part of, rather than separate to, the forces of nature. In her work she hopes to evoke this powerful energy through mystical tales of "your inner creatrix". We couldn't find much about the mysterious artist behind the beautiful pieces, so we were excited to speak with Teo Dima & learn about her process and ideas surrounding spirituality and inspirations.

Read on below for our new interview with Teo Dima...

Ancient Eclipse (2023)

What is your creative approach to developing concepts and do you consider the process to be infused with spirituality when you are creating?

My approach is deeply intuitive. I see art as a personal journal where each piece becomes a mix of elements gathered in this journey called life. These could be emotions I've felt, symbols from dreams, mythical motifs or even a vibe I absorbed from a place. Through experimenting with this diverse mix, I often find the end result to be entirely different from what I initially envisioned, and I embrace that divergence.

The Starry Fountain (2021)
In terms of spirituality, I hold the belief that, as visionary artists, we function as messengers. Immersed in the state of flow, it feels like channeling fragments of a higher consciousness or divinity into our world. In my works, my aim is to evoke a sense of revelation, a primordial feeling reminiscent of moments spent contemplating nature. I find joy in personifying this experience, making it more tangible and relatable to myself and those who engage with my creations.

Oya - the Yoruba Storm Goddess (2023)

When did your love of spirituality begin and what does it mean to you?

My spiritual connection deepened as I came to recognise that seemingly ordinary moments could hold profound spiritual significance. Whether it's watching the full moon rise over the sea or connecting with nature in simple ways, finding meaning in these seemingly mundane moments became a spiritual pursuit for me. It's like a magnetic pull that guides me, encouraging exploration, and a quest for deeper emotions and understanding. In the state of heightened emotions, I perceive patterns in nature - a divine order and purpose woven into existence. Naturally, this connection intertwined with my art practice, transforming art into a meditative ritual for me.

Underworld Roots (2022)

Where are you from and has your environment sculpted your outlook on life in any way ?

Growing up in Romania, I often felt like art was regarded as useless, undervalued, and not a career to take pride in. This perception may have originated not only from the stigma associated with artists but also from the legacy of communism in our country, where art was censored. This historical context influenced a widespread mindset that deemed art inferior and unfortunately, schools failed to recognize its importance. Despite the shift away from communism, and my birth after that era, the generational trauma still persists. Growing up in this environment felt like a constant compromise - choosing art meant lacking encouragement and validation, yet opting for another path felt like a betrayal of myself.

With the blossoming of spring, I am reborn (2023)
School didn't make it any easier. It was all about competition, and making mistakes was ridiculed. This definitely didn't cultivate a nurturing environment for imagination and creativity. Yet, prioritizing authenticity over seeking validation, I consistently found my way back to art, whether as a consumer or a creator.  Additionally, pursuing my master's degree in art in the UK provided a change of perspective, allowing me to embrace this path with more confidence.

Mystic Veil (2023)

Where do you find that your inspiration comes from the most?

My inspiration mostly comes from nature and my healing journey. I'm forever grateful for artists whose work not only inspired me but also provided a much-needed sense of peace during challenging times when I was rediscovering my identity. Now, I'm driven to pass on the inspiration. I hold a deep belief in the transformative impact of art on our lives, seeing it not only as a tool for personal evolution but also as a reflective mirror of our true essence.

Tide of Emotions (2023)
The concept of the divine feminine also fuels my creativity. It embodies freedom, resilience, the exploration of our creative powers, and the beauty found in sensitivity. What drives me most is creating art that speaks to those facing tough times, offering comfort and a reminder of their inherent strength. When someone tells me that my art has made a positive impact for them, it goes beyond a compliment. It reassures me that I'm on a meaningful path, doing something that genuinely matters.

Magic Circle (2022)

What does the divine feminine represent to you on a personal level and also collectively as we enter 2024?

The divine feminine, for me, serves as a guiding motif that nurtures my connection with the universe and assists me in cultivating creativity. It's about discovering inner strength, wisdom and inspiration while embracing authenticity. Accepting that sensitivity isn't a weakness; it's a powerful tool for understanding the world on a deeper level. It also means having the freedom to embrace nature's cycles and my own, resisting the ego's inclination to control or force conformity.

Earth's Embrace (2021)
Stepping into 2024 feels like a quest for healing, heightened self-awareness and spirituality. In our tech-dominated era, I think it's crucial to remain attuned to the natural world, to respect it and recognize its significance. I noticed that more people are sensing this urge, calling them back to their roots and inner selves, and that gives me hope for the future.


You can discover more of Teo Dima's artwork via her:



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