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An interview with: Jenn King (Author of COSMIC NUMEROLOGY)

How does the connection between numbers and the planets provide us with spiritual insight?

This is the subject of the book 'Cosmic Numerology' (2022) written by author, numerologist and astrophile Jenn King (published by Thames & Hudson)...

"Cosmic Numerology is numerology with an extra dimension...pairing mystical mathematics with planetary power so readers can tap into deeper levels of self-knowledge, access their talents, & enhance their relationships by charting their cosmic course with the numbers & planets by their side. Each chapter includes a section on making the most of a particular day’s unique energy, as well as plants & oils, meditations, power colors, & body zones that enhance a planet’s power." - Jenn King

The practice of numerology has fascinated people since ancient times, from Egypt to the Roman Empire, and from India to Scandinavia. Numbers are a universal language that help make sense of the seemingly chaotic world we inhabit.

"Numbers contain the root and source of eternally flowing creation" - Pythagoras (570 BC)

Read on below for our interview with Jenn King where we find out more about the author behind this insightful new book and her inspiration behind writing Cosmic Numerology...

*This article is part of our new ASTRAL Archetype Series. In this series of interviews we'll be asking professionals in the fields of spirituality & psychedelia a set of questions relating to their origins, views on spirituality, motivations, & outlook on life. The premise is that the same fundamental questions reveal entirely new and unique answers, whilst also exploring the common ground shared between visionaries from all different walks of life.*

Accompanied by Sidney Hall’s (1831) astronomical chart illustrations.


Where are you from and what blossomed your interest in spirituality and the universe ?

I am from Australia and of Scottish, Irish and Scandinavian ancestry. I was born in Adelaide and am currently living in Sydney with my brilliant husband and greatly beloved fur child, a 12 year old sweetheart Hungarian Vizsla. I honestly can't remember a time when I wasn't interested in the mysteries of the universe, though I really started to get into all things spiritual and mystical from the age of 13 and have been learning as much as I can about it all since then (with a particular love of the numbers). I used to often ponder the concept of infinity as a small child and was always in awe of nature, the skies and the greater universe.

Tell us about your book 'Cosmic Numerology' - how did the book come about and what is the concept behind it ?

The Cosmic Numerology book really came about as an extension of the forecasts I started writing back in 2014. As more people became interested in how the numbers and planets are connected I became pulled towards the idea of writing a book about what I have learned so that others can explore numerology in a way that is less commonly known.

The concept of Cosmic Numerology is really about how numbers relate to planets in a similar way to how an astrological sign has a governing planet. From these planetary associations with the numbers a whole other world of spiritual information comes through, giving us a more multi-layered and rich understanding of the energetics of numerology. Everything is connected, and numbers are associated with certain characteristics for a reason. I love to share this with people, and through this knowledge deepen their love of numerology.

What can people learn from Cosmic Numerology and what can it offer them ?

In the book readers can discover their (or another persons) three main number and planet combinations based on their date of birth, and receive information about their numerological blueprint, just like you can with astrology and your main placements. There is also information on what the planets of each number are associated with such as days of the week, colours, herbs & aromas, plus meditations for each number & planet. There is also relationship numerology in the book, so readers can look into the core number and planet of a relationship and glean insights about how this manifests, and how to bring out the best in their connections.

What does Spirituality mean to you ?

That's a big question, and something that for me is difficult to explain but I'll try... Spirituality to me is about deepening my connection with the world & everything in it, the universe, myself and other people. It's about cultivating love, empathy and compassion and it's about finding ways to live with integrity. For me it's not otherworldly, it's practical. I don't do good vibes only or spiritual bypassing, I'm here for it all. I strive to be a force for good in the world, and understanding that we are all connected to everything that is, was or will be is a great starting point for realising that what we do with this life matters. Knowing that I am a part of this great sprawling mystery simply because I somehow managed to be born is empowering to me in the sense that right now I have the power to influence outcomes for the greater collective and that whatever I do, no matter how small, I can either bring blessings into existence, or not. I choose the blessings option as much as I can.

What ideas have inspired you the most over the years ?

So many! most books inspire me even just for the simple fact that a person has been brave enough to write one. I read philosophers, I read all sorts of novels and I read a lot of non fiction. I generally just love to read. The people that inspire me the most are trauma survivors who pick up the pieces and do their best despite what they have been through, creatives who offer up their beauty and imagination to us, and everyday people who do good for the environment, animals and others.

The idea of acceptance being a gateway to feeling at ease in life is a big one for me lately, and cultivating a sense of gratitude feels like a worthy endeavour. The concept of lived alchemy, of turning your trials into victory always greatly inspires me, or as my husband puts it so pragmatically "it's not the cards you've been dealt, but how you play them that matters."

What lights the flame of passion inside of you ?

A desire to create and communicate from the truth of my heart. And a hope that this can bring benefit, that what I offer is beneficial.

How has this past year been for you since the release of the book?

This past year has been quite the big deal for me. I went through treatment for cancer for the second time in my life. That certainly throws everything into sharp relief. I am so lucky to be alive, and so very grateful. I realised that life is to be fully lived and enjoyed, and appreciated. Who you are, the people you love, how you live through your actions and the things you care about are what really matters. And experiences. We travelled twice this year after not going anywhere for a long time and it fed my spirit in so many ways. I also learned to listen to your body & take action if something doesn't feel right. If I didn't follow through last year on what was a very minor and easily dismissed symptom I might not be here today.

How are you currently feeling as we approach the end of the year ? Are there any thoughts / concepts / emotions which are surfacing ?

Sad about the state of the world despite being ever optimistic about the potential for things to alchemise into something better. Hopeful and also afraid. This year is a 7 year so it's ruled by Neptune, which can bring out the best and the worst from the depth of us all. Of course this always provides us the opportunity to transform challenges into gold, but the suffering and destruction out there is devastating to witness. Grief is there, and also a lot of love. I am looking forward to the more stable nature of 8 for 2024, which is ruled by Saturn. I love the energy of Saturn, which is balancing, wise and grounding while still representing the infinite, apparent in the connection between Saturn and the number 8. Very much ready for that.



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