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Introducing: A Journey Home (Microdosing Card Toolkit)

We speak with Barcelona based Sophie Boldog; co-founder of A Journey Home.

"A Journey Home" is an artistic endeavour inspired by psychedelic encounters and deep explorations of the spiritual realms. Their aim is to empower individuals on their psychedelic journeys with tech-free tools, enabling an introspective and self-guided experience.

The card set for intentional micro-dosing is your all-in-one toolkit for embarking on an inward journey of transformation. This set includes a leaflet, a playlist, and a total of 40 cards, all conveniently categorised into three distinct sections...

In the blue/ground section, you'll discover tools that facilitate grounding and a deep connection with the present moment. It's all about ensuring you safely arrive and remain in the here and now. With the yellow/rise cards, they guide you towards connecting with high-vibrational emotions that will elevate your spirits and let you see the magic within and around. The red/deepen cards invite you to delve deep within yourself, unlocking hidden aspects and fostering self-discovery. It's an opportunity to explore uncharted territories within your own mind and heart..

Read on below for our interview with A Journey Home co-founder Sophie Boldog...

What is the idea behind the name 'A Journey Home' and what does it represent ?

The name 'A Journey Home' is a nod to what Ram Dass once said, 'We're all just walking each other home.' In this context, 'home' isn't an external place; it's about the home that resides within - home being your true self, loving awareness. So, A Journey Home is about this adventure we're on, to rediscover our essence and reconnect with our inner voice, intuition and consciousness. It's like a trip back to who we really are. With the word 'journey' we signify an intentional, explorative process of an inward journey with psychedelics. So the essence of 'A Journey Home' lies in embracing a trip back to our core, a psychedelic-like exploration of the mind and spirit. It signifies a mindful and spiritually rich journey, a quest for truth and freedom.

Participating in 'A Journey Home' involves peeling away layers of societal conditioning and personal inhibitions, exposing the unadorned, genuine self. It symbolises a pilgrimage towards self-acceptance, navigating the intricate landscapes of the mind with the assistance of psychedelics, creating a unique path for each individual.

What are the benefits of micro dosing for those unaware of what it is?

For those unfamiliar with microdosing, it entails taking a sub-perceptual dose of psychedelics, such as psilocybin or lsd, for example. This practice is embraced by individuals seeking to amplify creativity, achieve peak performance, access flow states, enhance motivation, foster mindfulness, balance emotions, and boost energy levels. This deliberate and measured approach doesn't aim for a full psychedelic experience but rather seeks to tap into the subtle yet transformative effects these substances can offer.

There are many use cases and many different benefits when it comes to microdosing. In the context of self-exploration, the practice has been shown to enhance emotional awareness, cultivate mindfulness, and facilitate enriched creative thinking. So by incorporating small and sub-perceptual doses of psychedelic substances, during moments of intentional self-reflection and exploration, individuals can open doors to a more profound and nuanced understanding of their inner landscapes.

How did the concept arise for creating cards to align with the practice of micro dosing ?

The inception of the idea to create cards that align with the practice of microdosing and self-exploration is rooted in a personal journey and a desire to share the benefits with a broader audience. Upon reflecting on my own experiences with microdosing, I became aware of the profound value that a resource like these cards could have added to my early explorations in this space. It was a realisation born out of a practical necessity—a need for a diverse set of practices neatly organized into a toolbox, accessible whenever inspiration, reminders, or novel ways of connecting with different facets of oneself were sought.

At its essence, this concept is not just a practical solution but is driven by an authentic aspiration to enhance the microdosing journey for others. This conviction led to the decision to materialise the idea into tangible, user-friendly cards. The reason we chose to create cards instead of an app was because we wanted to provide a tool that helps to disconnect to reconnect. The collaboration with my dear friend and exceptionally talented artist, Lucas, added a unique dimension to the project. The cards transcended their functional purpose, evolving into small art pieces that include meaningful questions, exercises, or quotes. These elements are purposefully designed to inspire, remind, or guide users back to themselves.

What feedback have you had from people using A Journey Home ?

The feedback received for 'A Journey Home' so far has been very diverse, which underscores the versatile nature of its use. Some choose to incorporate the cards into a micro-journey shared with friends, where each participant selects a card and engages in the suggested practices before convening to discuss the questions and insights in community. On the other hand, some individuals prefer a more solitary experience, pulling a single card to serve as a focal point for personal inspiration. Additionally, feedback indicates that certain users leverage the cards specifically for integration purposes, using them as tools to weave the insights gained from psychedelic experiences into their daily lives.

As the first limited edition approaches its sell-out, understanding how users uniquely integrate the cards into their microdosing and psychedelic practices will inform the evolution of this tool, ensuring its continued resonance and effectiveness in aiding self-discovery and mindfulness. Our products are 100% ecologically produced in Italy. Our partners use solar-powered printing and packaging machinery, FSC-certified paper and food-grade ink for printing. As a result, our products are completely recyclable and have a minimal impact on the environment.

Visit the website A Journey Home to find out more and purchase the micro-dosing toolkit.

Follow @weareajourneyhome on Instagram.



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